Press Release

DubaiThe Art Cocoon is pleased to announce its participation at the fourth edition of World Art Dubai art fair for its third consecutive year. The gallery brings together four contemporary women artists, showcasing their work for the first time in Dubai.


Chryssa Verghi (b.1959, Greece)

Simoni Symeonidou (b.1983, Cyprus)

Katerina Stavrou (b.1989, Cyprus)

Nikoletta Antonopoulou (b.1955, Greece)


Chryssa Verghi (b.1959), is considered one of the most influential Greek contemporary artists. An international artist who exhibited in USA, UK, Ireland, France, Korea, China, Belgium, Turkey, Bahrain, Cyprus and now for the first time in Dubai, UAE. Her works are acquired by Museums, and Art Institutions, as well as private and corporate collectors around the world. Nature inspires her oil paintings compositions, which float between abstraction and representational art. Her fascination with the element of water is evident in her work, by choosing big scale canvases to capture the texture and the infinite essence of the water, making it her personal mission to bring us closer to the source of life, water. Chryssa will be showcasing a large size painting with title ‘Reflection in Green Mood’ at the World Art Dubai fair, from her art series ‘Reflections’.


Nikoletta Antonopoulou (b.1955), who will be present during the art fair, is recognized for her colorful and dynamic expressionistic sports themed oil paintings. Her unique style of fast writing like gestures and free dynamic brush strokes best captures the full of action, and athletic pulse of her subjects retrieved from cycling, horse riding, sailing, and running competitions. With more than 15 solo exhibitions in Europe and representations in Asia, Nikoletta’s work earned international acclaim and awards, as well recognition from notable critics and art historians.  

The Art Cocoon gallery will present for the first time in Dubai works from her series ‘Sailing’ and ‘Hippeis’.  


Katerina Stavrou (b.1989), a young upcoming artist with already more than 20 exhibitions in USA, Greece, UK, and her home country Cyprus, will be showcasing her latest work for the first time in UAE. Katerina Stavrou, is an abstract expressionist painter, who creates intrigue visual compositions full of movement and color, through the application of ‘Action Painting’ and ‘Automatism’ techniques. Figurative elements, and conceptualism are introduced in her art, while experimentation is central to her art practice.

Katerina will be exhibiting 8 new works from her series ‘Fight or Flight’ at the World Art Dubai for the first time. Through this series she brings awareness to the psychosomatic state of the human body, and the repercussions on the heart, when it feels threatened.


Simoni Symeonidou (b.1983), is a multidisciplinary artist best known for her unique imaginative shadow sculptures. Simoni will be present at the World Art Dubai art fair showcasing her work for the first time in the region, at the gallery’s booth as well as at a special dedicated space by the fair at booth E11. The nature of her art, restricts her to create no more than 20 art pieces per year. A bachelor and master graduate of Bristol School of Creative Arts, Fine Art, Simoni presented her work at group and solo exhibitions in UK, Germany, Cyprus, and Greece. Her work revolves around the human figure, exploring the emotional, and existential concerns of the individual, within our society. Simoni’s artworks, bring a sense of  optimism, urging their viewers to see beyond the physical appearances, and give a second look and chance literally and metaphorically to their everyday personal encounters and situations. Her artworks ‘Four Moons’ and ‘Anemone’ will be presented at the gallery’s booth B25-2, with art installation ‘Alone’ being set at a special featured booth E11.


World Art Dubai is running for the 4th year catering Dubai’s continuous demand for contemporary art. The upcoming fourth edition of World Art Dubai targets to a bigger attendance and awareness from around the region. With a unique selection of more than 200 international exhibitors, it will add and reflect the city’s growing prominence as leading cultural and artistic hub with a diverse program of education, entertainment, and art collections.


Exhibition Information

World Art Dubai, 18-21 April, 2018


B25-2 & E11 - The Art Cocoon, Dubai



Zabeel Hall 3, Dubai World Trade Centre

Dubai, UAE


Exhibition timings

14:00-17:00 - VIP Preview 18th April

17:00-21:00 – Open to Public, 18th April

14:00-21:00, 19th -21st  April