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Wolfgang Stiller- small matchbox-150x71x


Born:                       1961

Lives and works:  Berlin, Germany


Wolfgang Stiller is a contemporary multimedia artist, with his art works encompassing sculpture, drawing and installation, displaying a complicated but subtle interest in bodies and organisms, human and otherwise, via scale, subject and materiality. Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, Stiller has lived and worked in United States, Turkey as well in Shanghai, China working as guest professor for NYU. 


Wolfgang's most popular work has been the burnt down “matchstick” sculptures of human heads. The specific concept  initially conceived while he was living in China, symbolizes how people are overburdened, trying to reach success overlooking their health and lives. The specific 3D works evoke deep contemplation to the viewer, allowing them to come to their own conclusions of the burnt heads standing or lying in matchbox ‘coffins’. 

Wolfgang explains his work's processes, “The meaning and content of a work grows while I’m in the process of doing the physical work. One could read those burned matches as worn-out or burned-out human beings. All the heads I’ve used so far are from Chinese people. This sometimes leads to the assumption that this is a criticism of the Chinese government. One can read it that way, but I think this metaphor could be used for any western system as well. The matchboxes could be simply seen as formal elements within the installation, as coffins or simply as matchboxes. I actually like to keep it open since I don’t like art that leaves no space for one’s own imagination.”

He has more than 140 personal and group exhibitions around the world from Germany, to Japan, USA, Greece, Italy while he has participated in numerous Art Fairs, museum exhibitions in Europe and China and received several awards for his work.


Medium: Wood, Polyurethane, Acrylic paint on MDF panel, wax, bronze


Selected Permanent Collections

Wolfgang's work appears in many renowned public and private collections.

A few of the institutions his artworks belong to are,

Wuhan museum of fine art, Wuhan, China,

Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern, Germany,

K.E.Osthaus Museum, Hagen, Germany,

Country Hessen, Germany,

Museum Bochum, Germany,

DASA Museum, Dortmund, Germany,

Museum Belden an Zee, Scheveningen Netherland, Changwon city,

Korea Kablanc foundation Otazu, Navarra, Spain.



Fine Art - Painting and Sculpture  1989

       Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany              

Communication Design  1984

GHS Wuppertal, Germany          



Over 58  solo exhibitions, dedicated to his work organized all around the world





Participated in more than 85  group exhibitions, world wide.


ART Foundation Plaas, Germany   1986

Art and Church Heilbronn, Germany    1991

Working Scholarship, Senate Berlin,    1991 Germany            

Art Prize Sickingen, Germany    1991

Working Scholarship, Tokyo, Japan    1993

Artist in residence, Berlin Senate    1996

Istanbul, Turkey            

ISP studio program, New York, USA   2000

Kunstfonds Arbeitsstipendium   2009





Solo Exhibitions

2017         Mark Hachem gallery Beirut, Lebanon

2016        Tändstickmuseum, Janköpping, Sweden

2016        Mark Hachem gallery, Paris, France

2015        Galerie Schmalfuss, Berlin, Germany

2014        Gallery Albert Benamou - Veronique Maxé, France

2014        Yeni Cami, former archeologist. museum, Thessaloniki, Dimitria festival Greece

2013        Python Gallery, Erlenbach, Zurich, Switzerland

2013        Art Issue Projects, Taipei, Taiwan

2013        Voss Kunstlag - Banksmidja, Voss, Norway

2013        Gallery Basement, Voss, Norway

2012        Mube, Sculpture Museum Sao Paulo, Brazil

2012        Delloro Contemoporary Art gallery, Berlin

2012        Galeria Simon Nolte, Porto Colom, Mallorca, Spain

2012        Pingpong Artspace, Taipei, Taiwan

2011        Kalos & Klio showroom in collaboration with Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece

2010       Art Association Gera, Germany

2010       Gallery Ling, Berlin, Germany

2009       Gallery Epikur, Wuppertal Kunstverein Gera, Germany

2009       Gallery Schmalfuss, Marburg, Germany

2008       Emerson Gallery Berlin, Germany

2006       Galleria Cal D'oro Rome Italy

2005        Yamamoto Gendai Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2005        Emerson Gallery Berlin, Germany

2003        C 3 gallery, New York, USA

2001        Westbeth Gallery, Nagoya, Japan

2001        "Humanus", Paulina Kolczynska Fine Art, New York, USA

2001        Vernon Holdings Fine Art, Prague, Czech Rep.

2000       Roentgen Art Space, Ikeuchi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1999        Galleria Scognamiglio & Teano, Napoli, Italy

1999        Gallery Epikur, Wuppertal, Germany

1998        Gallery Clairefontaine, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

1998        ART Frankfurt, Förderkoje, Gallery Markus Nohn, Trier, Germany

1998        Galerie Markus Nohn, Trier, Germany

1997        Gallery Markus Nohn, Trier, Germany

1997        Gallery Cato Jans, Hamburg, Germany

1997        Gallery Clairefontaine, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

1997        Roentgen Art Space, Ikeuchi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1996        Gallery Cato Jans, Hamburg, Germany

1996        Gallery Markus Nohn, Trier, Germany

1996        Museum Bochum, Germany

1995        Carsten Neumärker Gallery, Koeln, Germany
1994        Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern, Germany

1994        Gallery Epikur, Wuppertal, Germany

1994        Roentgen Kunstintitut, Ikeuchi gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1994        Goethe Institute Tokyo, Japan

1994        Artium Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan

1994        Goethe Institute Kyoto, Japan

1993        Roentgen Art Institute, Ikeuchi gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1992        Staedt. Gallery Castle Oberhausen, Germany

1991         Studio Gallery Hamburg, Germany

1991         Kunstverein Ruhr, Essen, Germany

1991         Petrus Church Berlin, Germany

1991         Wartberg Church Heilbronn, Germany

1990        Martin Gropius Bau, Werkbund Archive, Berlin, Germany

1990        Art and Museum Association Wuppertal, Germany

1989        Martin Gropius Bau, Werkbund Archive, Berlin, Germany

1988        Gallery Kosmos, Essen, Germany

1986        Atelier and Gallery Kollektiv, Wuppertal, Germany

Group Exhibitions 

2019        Madison gallery San Diego, Solana beach, USA

2018        Changwon sculpture biennale, Korea

2017       "Presentation of the Fool's Cap" Mact / Cact contemporary art museum Ticino, Bellinzona, Switzerland

2017       Gallery Lola Nikolaou, Thessaloniki, Greece

2015       Python Gallery, Zurich Erlenbach. Switzerland

2015       Agalaus Art Festival, Voss, Norway

2015       Kulturfabrik Apolda, Apolda, Germany

2015       Wuhan Fine Art Museum, Wuhan, China

2015       Hôtel de Gallifet / artcenter, Aix en Provence, France

2015       artist association Walkmühle, Wiesbaden. Germany

2015       18+ festival, Cluj - Napoca, Romania

2015       Gallery Simon Nolte, Münster, Germany

2015       Nanjing 2nd International Art Festival, Nanjing, China

2014       2 man show with Florian Fausch, Gallery of Fraunberg, Dusseldorf, Germany

2014       Lola Nikolaou gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece

2013       Bienal de Curitiba, Curitiba, Brazil

2013      "Kunstlandskap Fjaler 2013", in collaboration with NKD and Kjell Erik Ruud, Dale i Sunnfjord, Norway

2013      Lola Nikolaou gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece

2013      "stronger than fear is hope", curated by Bodo Korsig, Schmalfuss gallery, Berlin, Germany

2012      2nd International Art festival Kathmandu, Nepal

2011       "Memory_Identity" MK2 Space, Beijing, China

2011       "softpower" Gallery Kvant, curated by Franziska Leuthäußer, Berlin, Germany

2011       "Nordart 2011", Rendsburg, Germany

2011       "Worldpeacefestival" Free Museum Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2011       Gallery Nolte, Münster, Germany

2011       "5C / 5C" KT & G Sangsangmadang Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2011       "5C / 5C" CIAC, Centro international per L'arte contemporanea, Rome Italy
2010       "Lingering Whispers" St. Pancras church, London, England

2010       "Nordart" Germany 2010 Delloro Gallery, Rome, Italy

2010       "Event Printmaking 2" Leipzig, Book Fair, Germany

2009       Gallery Horschick, Dresden, Germany

2009       Kolbe Museum - Basement Collection Hoffmann "Animal Perspectives" Part 2, Berlin, Germany

2008      "Critical Mass" curated by Marc Hungerbuehler, HYCA Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China 

2008      "Sewn" East Asia Contemporary gallery, Shanghai, China 

2008      "Black and White", Gallery 49, Beijing, China

2008      "Chinese Character Biennial", Beijing, China

2007      "SURGE" curated by Marc Hungerbuehler, 798 International Art Festival, Beijing, China

2007      "Dream Palace" curated by Alfredo Martinez, A-Space, Beijing, China

2007      "Lost Boorders" curated by Alessandro Rolandi, Art Channel Gallery, Beijing, China

2007      "Must be Gallery, 798 Beijing, China

2007      "SEWN" curated by Nikoykatiushka, Segment Space, Beijing, China

2007      Watermill auction, Watermill, USA

2007      2 man show with Pan Xing Lei, Chinese Art Base at 798 International Art Festival, Beijing, China 

2006      "New Chinese Occidentalism", curated by Pan Xing Lei, THE HOUSE, Beijing, China

2005      "Made in America", the pickled arts center, Bejing, China

2004      "Fantastic" Landesmuseum Linz, Austria

2004       Maze II ", The Artists Network, New York, USA

2003       "Art on Recipe" Kunsthalle Erfurt, Germany

2003       "Re do China", Ethan Cohen Fine Arts gallery, New York, USA

2003       Watermill Auction, Watermill, USA

2003       "Certain Conditions" Waterfront Hall Belfast, Ireland

2003       "Force fields" installation project, Krefeld, Germany

2002       Herforder Art Association, Germany

2002       Georg Kolbe Museum, "Wax Identities", Berlin, Germany

2002       Staedt. Museum Zwickau, Germany

2002       Watermill Auction, Watermill, USA

2001        Museum Ratingen, Germany

2001        Osaka Trienale, Osaka Museum, Japan

2001        Watermill Auction, Watermill, USA

2000      "EXPO2000", DASA Museum, Dortmund, Germany

2000      "Closure II", Velbert-Langenberg, Germany

1999        K.E.Osthaus Museum, Hagen, Germany

1999        Gallery Jan Wagner, Berlin Germany

1998        Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany

1997        Gallery Markus Nohn, Trier, Germany

1997       "Tocando el cabello", Velbert-Langenberg, Alemania, Germany

1997        Roentgen Art Space, Ikeuchi Gallery, Tokio, Japan

1997       "Discordia" Kunstverein, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Alemania

1995        Ursula Blickle Stift. Instalación de Kunstpreis, Kraichtal, Alemania, Germany

1994       "Cueva de Platón", Museo KE Osthaus, Hagen, Alemania, Germany

1994        "Bienvenido" Kunsthaus Hamburg, Alemania, Germany

1992        "Draft" Schlossbunker, Mannheim, Alemania, Germany

1991         Instituto de Arte Roentgen, galería Ikeuchi, Tokio, Japan

1991         Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern, Alemania, Germany

1991         Escenario de arte en la "Caja abierta", Museo KE Osthaus, Hagen, Alemania, Germany

1990        "Imitaciones" K.E.Osthaus Museum, Hagen, Alemania, Germany

1990        Studio Gallery, Hamburgo, Alemania, Germany

1987        Museo Von der Heydt, Wuppertal, Alemania, Germany

1987        Art Prize Young West, Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, Alemania, Germany

1987        Manus Press Stuttgart, Alemania, Germany

1986        "ART WIRE", Messe Düsseldorf, Alemania, Germany

1986        Exposición itinerante "Bad", Bad Nauheim, Wiesbaden, Alemania, Germany

1986        Stadt. Galería Gladbeck, Alemania, Germany

1985        Museo Von der Heydt, Wuppertal, Alemania, Germany

1984        Museo Von der Heydt, Wuppertal, Alemania, Germany