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Born:                       1963, Tasmania

Lives and works:  Australia

Wayne Quilliam is a multi-awarded fine art photographer, renowned for his work on the indigenous communities and cultures. He was nominated the NAIDOC Indigenous Artist of the Year, AIMSC Business of the Year, Human Rights Media Award and the Walkley Award for photojournalism including being nominated as a Master of Photography by National Geographic. He was a recent finalist in the invitation only Prix Pictet in Paris and in the Bowness Art Award.

His work includes documenting significant Indigenous events over the past 20 years including the Apology, 1967 Referendum anniversary, Garma, Laura, Burunga, Dreaming and Yeperenye festivals and thousands of community events. Wayne worked with Indigenous groups in Cuba, Mexico, Bolivia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and Guam.

He runs photographic workshops in remote, rural and urban communities and lectures at Universities, Secondary and Primary educational facilities in Australia and overseas.

In harmony with his photojournalistic work he is recognized as one of the country’s top artists for his diverse art practices including the ‘Lowanna’ series that infuses textures of earth onto the human form, ‘Towindri’ landscape art and ‘Smoke’ exhibition exploring the cultural significance of smoking ceremonies. It is estimated his photographic exhibition of the ‘Apology’, ‘Sorry more than a Word’ that opened at Parliament House in Canberra has been experienced by more than a quarter of a million people and continues to attract large audiences as it travels the world.

These shows continue his international success’s from the Museum of Young Art, Vienna, several galleries in Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg as well as Russia, Guam, Indonesia and numerous galleries in Australia. His ‘Towindri’ exhibition in Cairo toured Riyadh and Beirut in 2014, and attracted critical acclaim.

The Art Cocoon gallery currently presents his series 'Djiwarr'.

" 'Djiwarr' is a reflection of the transitory experience, the sensation of not being here or there, but rather that of being somewhere one cannot exactly locate.

It is an exploration of light and dark inherent in nature, both on a physical and qualitative level.  In the darkness, sensory cohesion courses through every part of my body, micro-tremors disrupting, contorting the emotion of isolation.  Resplendent light emanates through the suffocating fog as the subconscious mind reveals the temporality of exclusion and solitude. In this time of separation it is my cultural responsibility to assist humanity to reconnect to the spirituality of Mother Earth

- Quilliam Wayne

He participated over 200 exhibitions throughout the world as in Havana, Tokyo, Mexico City, Caracas, New York City and Los Angeles, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and featured at the United Nations, New York. Quilliam's work has been published in more than 1000 magazines, books and newspapers.


Over 200 art exhibitions, and shows around the world were organized and dedicated to Quilliam's work.

View the full list of all his major art exhibition's here.




Winner of NAIDOC Aboriginal Artist of the Year 2009

View Quilliam's full list of major awards here.



Photography printing material - Archival Quality Fine Art Paper, 100% cotton, acid free


Selected Permanent Collections

Wayne Quilliam's artworks are part of thousands of private and corporate collections around the world.





Selected Solo Exhibitions

Palais De Nations United Nations, Switzerland

United Nations, New York, USA

National Museum, Canberra, Australia

Hamburgisches Museum, Germany

Sotheby’s, New York, USA

Australian Embassies, Berlin, Jakarta, New York, Rome, Mexico, Washington

World Expo, China

Ethnographic Museum, Sweden

Tokyo University, Japan

Citidel San Fransica, Cuba

Art Centre Berlin, Germany

Museum of Young Art, Austria

Dreamtime Lo Spirito Dell'Arte Aborigena, Milan, Rome, Sicily, Italy

Guam University, Guam

Kluge Ruhe Museum, USA

Hirikata Museum, Japan

W15, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, London

Awards & Nominations


Human Rights Award for Print Media

Nominated as a Master of Photography National Geographic

Joint winner of 2008 Walkley Award

Victorian Indigenous Art Awards People’s Choice Award (4 times)

Robin O’Chin Memorial Art Award

Shades of Black Indigenous Artist of the Year

International Library of Photography Grand Prize Winner

Honorable mention William Bowness Award


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