Born:              1975

Hometown:  Trikala, Greece


Stefanos Folinas is a contemporary art painter, who developed his own unique style of primitive figurative art. Through the process of exploration Stefanos pushes the boundaries of his art, with the introduction of hieroglyphics, and the incorporation of abstract expressionistic elements.

His paintings are created, mainly on large-scale canvases, using acrylics, that enable him to be more bold with his figurative depictions, while the application of texture and corrosion are integral part of his work. The combination of texture and strong color contrasts, underline and support the elements of Primitivism in his visual compositions.

The simplicity of the forms and figures in his artworks, urge us to go back to the basics, reminding us that joy is in the simple things of our everyday lives.  


Stefanos is inspired and influenced by great artists such as Pablo Picasso, Bacon Francis, Georg Baselitz, and Gerhard  Richter. Stefanos work got attention from art historians, like Antigoni Kapsali and Nikolena Kalaitzaki.

His body of work is organized in art series, under the titles 'Primitive World', 'Tribes', 'Maps' and 'Ancestral Stories'. His art collections are reflective of the artist's interest in everyday life scenes, and study of ancient history, primitive symbols, and tribal art.

Medium: Acrylic, plastic, and Oil Paint on Canvas

Selected Permanent Collections:


Stefanos Folina’s artworks are held in private and public collections, such as the offices of the Transport Provider in Larisa, Greece, Vogiatzoglou Gallery at Nea Ionia, and the Municipality of Eleusina Gallery, Greece.

Artist's Statement:

"We should simplify our life and go back to the basics"


“FOLINAS”, Inspire Gallery    2019

 Dublin, Ireland             

“Ancestral Stories”, Artzone42 Gallery    2018

Athens, Greece             

"Land of Men", Mylos Pappa    2018

Larisa, Greece            

"Primitive World", Remmezo Gallery   2017

Thessaloniki, Greece           

"Tribes", SKETKE, Lamia, Greece   2016

"Tribes", Mylos Papa, Larisa, Greece   2016




Participated in more than fifteen group exhibitions, in Ireland, Greece, and Italy.






Central Greece Painting Association

Trikala Painting Association

Thessaloniki Painting Association




Group Exhibitions

2019          Dommes Miramare gallery in Corfu curated by Thanos Loudos, Greece

2019          11th exhibition of municipality of Eleusina curated by Anastasia Dalma, Greece

2018          “Pseudonim” in In-spire Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2018          “Skulligraphy” in Artzone42 Gallery, Greece

2018          "Once Upon a Dragon", Artzone42 Gallery, curator Domna Chanoumdou, Athens, Greece

2017          “Rebetika”, Tsitsani Museum, curator Nikolena Kalaitzaki, Trikala, Greece

2017          "Smartart", Govedarou Gallery, curator Natasa Govedarou, Thessaloniki, Greece

2017          9th Annual exhibition, Municipality of Eleusina, curator Nantia Vlachopoulou, Greece

2017          “Myths and Reality”, Tsitsani museum, curator Lia Koutelieri, Trikala, Greece

2017          “ΒeLoved/Unloved”, Terra Petra, curator Nikolena Kalaitzaki, Athens, Greece

2017          "Kentron", Melina Center with Central Greece painting club, Trikala, Greece

2017          “Energy Athens 2017”, European Center Contemporary Space Athens, curator Geladaki Katerina, Greece

2016          Ena gallery, Athens, Greece

2016          “Neon”, Inspire Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2016          8th Annual exhibition, Municipality of Eleusina, curator Nantia Vlachopoulou, Greece

2016          Chilli Gallery with ArtWay, curator Mr Sardis, Athens, Greece

2015          ArtWay, curator Mr Sardis, Athens, Greece

2015          Bienalle Museo MIIT 2015 – BMM 2015, curator Dr. Guido Folco, Torino, Italy

2015          “Perspective of Receptivity”, Palazzo del Turismo di Riccione, curator Francesco, Bernucci, Italy

2015          “My Dreams”, Flyer Art gallery, curator Irene Salvatori , Rome, Italy

2015          “Internazionale Arte 2015”, MIIT, curator Dr. Guido Folco, Torino, Italy

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