Souske Onoike


Born:                        1969

Lives and works:  Japan

Souske Onoike is a contemporary Japanese artist with an impressive constellation of international exhibitions in cities as far-flung as Tokyo, Paris and Milan. As a painter, he considers beautiful things to be amongst the world’s best treasures and thus, dedicates himself to capturing the transcendent beauty so highly regarded in Japanese culture. One of his recurring motifs is the bijin, a beautiful, traditionally dressed woman, whereas "Bijinga" is called a painting that depicts a beautiful woman.


Through sensual colors and line-work, Onoike masterfully depicts subtle details such as the fragility of a flower and the wistfulness within a glance. While the painter’s work pays direct homage to cultural traditions, his foremost aim remains creating fashionable paintings that remain in step with Japanese modern life.

He had his first solo exhibition in 1994, and since 2011 he continues to publish works that pursue Japanese beauty by participating in exhibitions and art fairs centered in Europe five to ten times a year. For his works the beauty of surface and the beauty of inner are very important. His artworks are currently being sold in galleries in seven countries. 

Medium: Traditional Japanese painting materials, Silk, Ink pigments, Gold Leaf. 

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