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'Intuitive Forms' - Solo Exhibition of Shrutika Gosavi

Shrutika Gosavi - 'Intuitive Forms' - Invitation

11th of January, 2020 – The Art Cocoon gallery invites you to visit ‘Intuitive Forms’, a solo art exhibition by contemporary figurative artist, Shrutika Gosavi.

Shrutika Gosavi (b.1987, India) is an international celebrated artist, with numerous awards and recognitions from her country and abroad. With a strong background in fine arts and music, Shrutika's drawings and paintings are filled with messages and storytelling, while in many of her artworks she uses symbolism, and surrealistic elements to communicate visually her thoughts and experiences. The exhibition is a selection of 28 artworks, of small to large size paintings and drawings exclusively available at our gallery.


'Intuitive Forms' solo exhibition represents the core of Shrutika Gosavi's work of studying the human form, as perceived by her senses and intuitive processes that she interprets through a meditative state occurring during the creation of her artworks.

"For me, the inspiration comes first, it creates some intuitive forms in mind, and when our conscious mind starts working, many thoughts and concepts come naturally. It's like when we start giving a speech - We think about the topic, how to start it and what should be in it. After one sentence, the mind and tongue start working together the following sentences come very naturally. The same idea applies when I am painting. The inspiration, intuition and process comes together and this takes me to the end. There are always a number of human figures overlapping each other and without facial gesture but a directorial gesture within its body. The human being, his nature and his perspective to the world. This is the intuitive reflection of forms in my subconscious mind. I do believe we are a good mix of different natures and split personalities. “

Shrutika Gosavi

Shrutika’s art is intuitive, inspired by the human body, nature, spirituality, identity and perception matters. Her observations and experiences of her surrounding environment contribute to the development of a series of works, where she processes the significance of the external world to the human behavior and body.

'The People' | Series of 4 | Ink on paper | 30 x 37 cm

The current collection was made mainly by using her favorite mediums of charcoal, ink, and acrylic paint, which she experiments with constantly, pushing the limits of the creative possibilities and applications on paper and canvas.

Shrutika’s work is autobiographical, a personal visual journal of her past memories, present concerns and future visions. An ‘open window’ to her soul. Every drawing, shape, form, person in her artworks, is an extension, a reflection of her, a piece of her views in life.

Through her art Shrutika invites us to recognize a piece of ourselves that looks for acknowledgment, affection, and acceptance no matter what the physical appearances are for each one of us. Seeing beyond and recognize the beauty of everyone's soul and divinity.

Browse "Intuitive Forms" exhibition today, and inquiry for your favorite artwork directly to the gallery by email, or by Whatsapp message.

'The Life in a Metro 3'' | Watercolor on paper | 38 x 55 cm

Shrutika Gosavi (b.1987, India) is an internationally multi-awarded artist living in Dubai, UAE. She has attained a Masters and Bachelor degrees in Fine Arts - Painting, from Raja Mansingh Tomar Music & Art University, in India as well studied classical Indian music. Shrutika has exhibited internationally in countries such as Italy, India, UAE, France, Malaysia, USA. Her award nominated list and juried committees selecting her work are numerous and long.

Her artworks are part of important private and corporate collections around the world, such as the private collection of Sheikha Sayad al Qassimi in UAE.


Wednesday, 11th of January till Tuesday, 11th of February, 2020



View and Download Exhibition's Catalogue here

Contact Hours

Mon-Sun 9.00-20.00 Whatsapp: +971509001254

For more information on Shrutika Gosavi's available collections visit our gallery.

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