'She has the right to be ...' - Group Exhibition with Esraa Zidan, Souske Onoike & Najat

Esraa Zidan, Souske Onoike & Najat Makki - 'She has the right to be ...' - Invitation

12th of April, 2019 - The Art Cocoon gallery in collaboration with Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery presents ‘She has the right to be…’, a collective online exhibition of contemporary artists Souske Onoike, Makki Najat, and Esraa Zidan. The exhibition consists of 24 artworks, with a central theme the female image in relation to the contemporary society.


The exhibition brings together three international artists whose artistic work focuses on the modern woman’s identity, and her perception of her external appearance in relation to current society’s beliefs.

In a modern world where women, from a young age, are ‘bombarded’ with images of perfect beauty with unrealistic physical qualities, from the movies, and advertising campaigns, their self-esteem is negatively impacted. Having a distorted perception of beauty, and a constant pressure to reach this idyllic model, leads to depression and eating disorders .

In Esraa Zidan’s works the message of self-acceptance is evident throughout her paintings, with curvy women enjoying their lives, with confidence and joy. As a woman activist and feminist artist, she uses her art to advocate for women who don’t fit in the mold of advertising agents.

Souske Onoike, a Japanese artist, approaches the subject of woman’s beauty, through the traditional Japanese belief system. His visual works attempt to remind us that inner ‘beauty’ is of great importance too, as is the external ‘beauty’ to the society.

Makki Najat’s works, study the female figure through the cultural traditions of the Middle East, where women's beauty is hidden from the society. Najat’s use of hard but also fragile glass materials, which translate to the essence that characterizes women in her society.

She has the right to be…’ brings awareness on a topic that many societies in the world avoid to address the psychological pressure media brings to women, and underlines the right of all women to be happy, confident, and free to enjoy their everyday lives without prejudice and guilt of not conforming to society’s unrealistic beauty standards.

Visit Today "She has the right to be ...", and enquiry for your favorite work from a range of small to large size canvases.

'Sazanami (Little Waves)', Silk, Ink Pigments, Gold Leaf, 91 x 91 cm

Esraa Zidan is an upcoming Egyptian artist with several exhibitions in her home country Egypt and abroad, with an international following.

Najat Makki is an Emirati mixed media artist, academically trained in relief sculpture and metal artwork techniques, with many awards, and active member of her community.

Onoike Souske a Japanese artist, who applies traditional Japanese techniques in his work, is an international acclaimed artist, with his artworks being part of private and corporate collections around the world.

For more information on Esraa Zidan, Najat Makki & Onoike Souske, visit their profiles on our website.


Friday, 12th of April till 12th of June, 2019



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For more information on Esraa Zidan, Souske Onoike & Najat Makki available collections visit our gallery.

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