'Circular Thoughts' - Solo Exhibition of Eleni Pratsi

January 26, 2019

Eleni Pratsi - 'Circular Thoughts' - Invitation


 27th of January, 2019 – The Art Cocoon gallery presents geometric abstract artist, Eleni Pratsi, and her online solo exhibition ‘Circular Thoughts’, a comprehensive presentation of her work consisting of 16 paintings capturing the diversity of her art practice.




Eleni Pratsi’s solo exhibition ‘Circular Thoughts’, invites the viewer to merge in her world of infinite circles, to discover and sense the deeper meaning and symbolism circle embodies.

A universal symbol used to represent heaven, perfection, eternity, protection, the Self and Oneness. The zero point where everything starts and returns to, the circle holds the meaning of life and creation of the universe itself. 


Eleni Pratsi pushes her limits of creativity, by mastering the subject and elevating it to new unexplored artistic territories. By applying the method of Mechanical Art, Eleni uses unconventional tools, machinery and innovating techniques to constantly reinvent her visual language and practices.

Along with her ability to create new color palettes, she defines and enhances the impact of her often sharply delineated and complicated compositions. 



 Browse "Circular Thoughts" exhibition today, and choose your favorite abstract work from a range of small to large size canvases.  


'Composition No 106', Oil paint on Canvas, 50x50 cm


Eleni Pratsi (b.1987, Cyprus), is a graduate of Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris, France with distinction. An international exposed artist with exhibitions in Italy, France, UK, Belgium, and collectors from USA, Europe and Asia, 




Sunday, 27th January till 27th of February, 2019






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Mon-Sun 9.00-20.00

Whatsapp: +971509001254


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