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'Human Evolution' - Solo Exhibition of Stefanos Folinas

Stefanos Folinas - 'Human Evolution' - Invitation - Artwork: 'Adam and Eve'

1st of December, 2018 – The Art Cocoon gallery presents its latest exclusive exhibition “Human Evolution” with contemporary art painter Stefanos Folinas.

Folinas solo exhibition introduces new mixed media paintings, from Stefanos Folina’s art series ‘Primitive World’.


‘Human Evolution’ invites the viewer in a journey, of artistic explorations, where Stefanos Folinas examines the emergence of “modern humans”. Having as an inspirational point the universal story of Eve and Adam, the first humans ever existed, he unwinds his own visual story that leads to the Genesis of Men and Women on earth.

Stefanos works mainly with acrylic paints, as they enable him to be more bold with his figurative depictions, while the application of texture and corrosion are integral part of his work. The combination of texture and strong color contrasts, give more depth and support to the elements of Primitivism and expressionism in his final compositions.

'Friends', Mixed Media on Canvas, 190x90 cm

Folinas work, aims to remind everyone that we are all one, as humanity in its’ true essence comes from the same ancestors.

Stefanos Folinas (b. 1975, Trikala, Greece) has been exhibiting in countries such as Italy, Ireland, and Greece . His artworks being part of private and public collections around the world.

For more information on Stefanos Folinas available collections and profile visit our gallery.

Exhibition Duration

Saturday, 1st till 31st of December, 2018


Contact Hours

Mon-Sun 9.00-20.00

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