Petros Ptochopoulos New Exhibition "Lost Civilization"

'Lost Civilization' is the title of Petros Ptochopoulos latest exhibition opened to the public, at Agia Napa's Municipal Museum called Thalassa, in Cyprus. The opening reception will be held on 3rd of May at 7 pm.

The exhibition showcases oil paintings from the artist's two series called 'Sea Bed' and 'Sixth Dimension'. New artworks for both of the art series will be exhibited to the public for the first time. His series called 'Sixth Dimension' consists abstract oil paintings capturing Petros's visualization of the sixth dimension as a place out of planet earth and far in the universe where comets and planets create an imaginary world of vibrant colours. The 'Sea Bed' series is a reference to the artist's constant relationship with the sea but also to his concerns of the political and social problems of the contemporary society.

The current theme is close to the artist's heart as the sea has been always an inseparable part in his life from his childhood until his current years. Petros is mesmerized by the sea's underworld tranquillity, where he captures this magnificently in his oil paintings. The placement of archaic statuses in his artworks symbolize his home country and its' political problems. A message of hope by the artist, is communicated visually with the use of light where the sun rays reach the archaic artefacts which lie on the sea bed. A wish for the political problems to be resolved. All of his artworks enclose messages of hope, peace and universal love.

Exhibition 'Lost Civilization' at Thalassa Municipal Museum

Over the years, he has developed, a unique technique of blending vibrant colours of oil paint and spreading them skilfully on the white hard-board, creating imaginary three dimensional worlds. Even though his artworks are created on a flat surface his images seem to be ready to come alive out from the painting.

Petros, studied Fine Arts in Weder School of Arts in Switzerland and then in Thessaloniki, Greece. With numerous successful solo and group exhibitions under his belt, his artworks have been acquired by several National Galleries and Museums around the world, like Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, New Zealand, Ukraine, and Cyprus, setting a bright example to his contemporaries.

Petros Ptochopoulos new solo exhibition is a great opportunity one not to be missed, for all the art lovers to visit and view exceptional quality artworks.

The exhibition will be open until the 10th of May, 2016.

Visiting Hours: Monday 9 am-1 pm / Tue to Sat 9 am - 5 pm / Sun 3 pm - 7 pm

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