First Solo Exhibition for Ria Alexandrou

Exhibition's Invitation Alexandrou is the first solo exhibition of our artist . Through her first solo exhibition, Ria Alexandrou, is aiming at challenging the term ‘error in judgement’ throughout her whole body of work, and asks of the viewers to experience full freedom of emotions and imagination while engaging with her art pieces. She considers the misunderstandings / misconceptions' of each viewer creative and alternative responses to the questions that her works raise, instead of considering them erroneous judgements. She creates endless discussions regarding the ideas of space, time and form, while she constantly questions their importance in the context of a trivial material world. The pieces cause the viewer to sometimes invoke before the logic, and sometimes the emotional thinking.

trimma003, Mixed Media, 200 x 150 cm, Year 2016

Being an artist who considers the process of creating equally important to the final result, she has developed a very 'practical' connection with her materials, considering them to be the vehicle of expression of her spiritual and psychological condition at that given moment. The very act of applying the colour on the fabrics is paramount - feelings are not depicted, but are rather ‘played out’ onto the surfaces. Rarely using the traditional canvas, the artist prefers using fabrics as a basis for her painting experimentations; fabrics which inspire the evolution of the composition dramatically, thereby being one of the main components of the final result.

Reinterpreting archetypes through abstraction, and having the figure and its (de)construction, the Platonic solids, and pre-historic art as the core of her inspiration, the artist creates as if she is constantly seeking her own eternal truth; nonetheless having the desire to ‘cut the umbilical cord’ with her pieces.

'κατω.που.τη.μουττη.σου', Mixed Media, 182 x 136 cm, Year 2016

Within her work, Ria investigates the structure of space and time, through her use of stratifications, textures, lines and patterns. It feels similar to the way we experience the babel of information today. This idea of strata, of layers of images seen through time, of images within images, is like the way we see the world through computers: not as a single reality, but many realities at the same time.

Ria's first solo exhibition '', will support Theotokos Foundation with part of the profits to be donated to the non-profit organisation.

The exhibition will be inaugurated by Dr. Nadia Anaxagorou, Director of the Cultural Services at the Municipality of Limassol and the curator is Sylia Panayiotidou.

Media sponsor: Kanali 6

Exhibition Opening Ceremony

Friday, 8 April 2016, at 19:30-22:00

The Trade, Str Kitiou Kyprianou 18, Limassol, Cyprus

Duration of Exhibition

8th till 18th of April 2016

Working Hours

Mon-Sun 10:00-12:00 / 16:00 - 20:00

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