Upcoming Exhibition: Order and Disorder

Exhibition's Invitation

“Before anything else was chaos: a space that contained everything

which would have composed the universe. Consequently, chaos

is the start of all things. Chaos is then the main creator.”

Hesiod, Theogonie

Ria Alexandrou and another fourteen artists, one mathematical physicist, one neuroscientist, one sound experimentalist and one performer gather and invite the public to experience a rich sensory approach of chaos and chaos theory, one of the greatest scientific revolutions of the past century.

The Exhibition “Order and Disorder in Chaos” will offer a journey through artworks, paintings, photographs, sculptures, video installations, conferences and music. It is co-organised by Urban Gorillas and is supported by the French Institute of Cyprus, Art Way, the Galerie Le Point Fort and M33 France.

The exhibition addresses visually and theoretically the powerful and inspiring forces of creativity operating within order and disorder in chaos. Talented and recognised artists from Greece, Cyprus, France, Syria and Lebanon will be presenting their work.


Ria Alexandrou Αleksandros Yiorkadjis

Adi Atassi Armelle Boussidan

Baroque Rococo Charis Paspallis

Dimitry Vey Elias Zaarour

Johnny Blue Katerina Mansfield

Mathieu Devavry Μara Constatinou

Αntonis Pouliasis Samy Barkat

Stavros Stavrou

The exhibition opens its doors on Saturday 28 November 2015, and will be open to the public until 6 December 2015.

Ria will showcase one of her new large scale mixed media paintings, approaching the exhibition's core theme visually and verbally,

''I ordered a piece of chaos. Things got random. They brought me a full plate of it.

I ate it of course, it looked delicious and had all these colors and possibilities,

but now everything changed. I think I have a disorder.

I make a step and the world moves, I see a light and everything is illuminated.''

Exhibition Curators: Elia Neophytou, Veronika Antoniou

Communications Director: Apostolia Michael

Organisations: Urban Gorillas, Order and Disorder Artists

Untitled, Mixed Media

200 x 150 cm

Exhibition Opening Ceremony

Saturday, 28 November 2015, at 16:30-21:00

Apothikes 79, Larnaca, Cyprus

Opening Schedule

16:30- 17:30

Conference: Theoretical and visual analysis of

Chaos Theory by Dimitry Vey and Samy Barkat

Exhbition opening


Sounds by Johnny Blue


Live painting performance

Duration of Exhibition

28th till 6th of December, 2015

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