SEA BED Series

Our latest artwork on display is ‘Sea Bed,’ a series of magically captivating oil paintings by artist Petros Ptochopoulos.

Like all of his work, Petros beautifully uses imagery, in this case the calm mysteries of the sea, to bring forward the troubles of today’s modern society. Petros Ptochopoulos spent his childhood growing up in Famagusta, a port city on the east coast of Cyprus. Growing next to the sea he adored the water and the underwater world.

“I was spending all of my time and days next to and in the sea”.

Petros’ own joyful recollection of his childhood makes it easy for us to understand how these early years, surrounded by the clear waters of the Mediterranean, paved the beginnings of his lifelong love for the deep abyss and its living creatures.

“The sea bottom for me is like another paradise.

When you dive under the water you don’t hear anything, no noises, no problems, nothing... just the calmness of sea's nature.”


In his paintings Petros is inspired by the Greek civilization and the rich history of his country. He uses various symbols in his work to convey these themes. All of his collections have a message to tell, such as in the Occupied Lands, Mother of Cyprus, Testimony of the Soul, Third Dimension, and Sea Bed.

In the stunning Sea Bed series Petros depicts a stark juxtaposition between the peacefulness of the sea and the hustle of today’s contemporary society.

“There is a tranquillity in the sea bottom that you

cannot find anywhere else in the world.”

Through gifted artistry, he blends vivid imagery of the sea with images of archaic statutes inspired from Cyprus’ ancient civilisation. In Petros’ work, the archaic statues symbolize Cyprus, with all its political problems and it's military forced division.

’’The light in my drawings symbolises the ongoing interest for a political

settlement in Cyprus with the hope that one day the island will be whole again.’’

His works speaks of that hope and his desire to see his beloved island free. His placement of the ancient statues on the seabed highlights they are forgotten, similar to the unresolved occupational problems of Cyprus. Petros wishes for them to rise again, from the sea bed and come back to light.

“I didn’t place my country’s problem in a grave, like the dead.

My country is not dead, it’s divided and there can exist a solution.

We all should try to live together in harmony on this piece of land.”


Petros Ptochopoulos believes, the civilization of a country is judged by two things: art and literature. The messages conveyed through his work are universal, and relevant to our times more than ever.

They speak of freedom and peace. His ultimate wish is to see his country free and unified as it once was.

For the last 40 years, Petros impressive body of art work enriched the contemporary art and culture scene setting the benchmark high. He received international acclaim from National Museums, international collectors, and Institutions from all around the world.

His International recognition didn’t stop him from trying to achieve more and continue progressing as an artist. He always strives to improve his art through hard work and contemplation.

Check more of Petros Ptochopoulos work available for sale at The Art Cocoon here.

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