Born:                1990

Hometown:   Agrinio, Greece

Lives:              Limassol, Cyprus


Ria's work is an exploration of landscapes, paying close attention to the structure of space and time through stratifications, textures , lines and patterns. This idea of strata, of layers and images seen through time, it's similar to how we view and experience the world today through modern technology: not as a single reality, but  rather as multiple realities in parallel. 


She expresses imagery using figurative yet primitive illustrations in a strikingly abstract format. She encourages the viewer into self-exploration of the psyche, linking us back to our primitive roots and senses. 


She works with several mediums and using different techniques. Many of her artworks utilize both sides of the canvas or cloth in order to achieve the desired results. She prefers working on large-scale paintings, as this allows more freedom and space to create her visual explorations.


In addition to her artistic explorations, she is an active and contributing member of her community. In the year of 2015, she became a founding member of a non-profit organization called ‘Panic Soup’, an initiative with a mission to enhance and reinvent the current artistic and culture scene of the city.



Mediums: Mixed Media


2016      World Art Dubai art fair 6th-9th April, Dubai, UAE



Athens School of Arts,

Bachelor of Fine Arts




time.mis.place.d, The Trade Gallery    2016

Limassol, Cyprus            




Lellos Art Point, Limassol   2015

From figure to abstraction            

Larnaca Art Festival , Larnaca   2015

Up the Stairs Market, Limassol   2015

Nikos Kessanlis Space, Athens, Greece   2013


To Kouti, BIOS, Athens, Greece  2012




Finalist at the 3rd International Contemporary   2015

Art Competition held by Donkey Art Prize           


Founding Member of 'Panic Soup' a non-profit   2015

cultural organization           


Fine Arts Scholarship   2009

at Athens School of Fine Arts            


First Prize Award in Fine Arts   2008

55th  European School Contest            

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Exhibition's Invitation

time.mis.place.dRia Alexandrou is the first solo exhibition of our artist . Through her first solo exhibition, Ria Alexandrou, is aiming at challenging the term ‘error in judgement’ throughout her whole body of work, and asks of the viewers to experience full freedom of emotions and imagination while engaging with her art pieces. She considers the misunderstandings / misconceptions' of each viewer creat...

November 22, 2015

Exhibition's Invitation

“Before anything else was chaos: a space that contained everything

which would have composed the universe. Consequently, chaos

is the start of all things. Chaos is then the main creator.”


October 25, 2015

Ria Alexandrou's mixed media painting, NO.SP.NO.TM, will be exhibited at Gallery 76, inside the Dubai International Art Center, along with the other winners and finalists of the Donkey Art Prize 2015.

The exhibition will take place from October 31st to November 7th, 2015, in Dubai, U.A.E.

The Showcase is the last of 4 great exhibitions which have been already all around the world touching important venues in Milan, Miami and To...

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