The word “Qahar” is from the Hindi and Urdu language. It means “Havoc”.

This Art work is inspired by Picasso’s Guernica. The social environment and circumstances which were affecting people in that era seem to be the same now. The world is suffering from major crises like terrorism and civil wars. Chaos is apparent everywhere. A group of people with inhuman tendencies who are not bothered about other people, children, animals or even the coming generations are growing rapidly. I am showing my perspective of the environment in which we are living and appealing to understand the severity of this situation to the world via my painting. Fearful faces, people and animals are screaming. In background small wavy lines are like a tsunami -rising high and destroying cities. Symbolic white thick lines show buildings and cities. The overall expression or constant mode of this painting according to Indian Aesthetics are Bhaya and Shoka.

Shrutika Gosavi | Painting

    • Acrylic and ink on canvas
    • 60 x 60 cm / 23.6 x 23.6 in
    • Certificate of Authenticity Available upon request
    • Signed

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