'Virat Roopa'

Virat Roopa –This phrase is based in Hindu mythology. Virat Roopa is an iconographical form and theophany of the Hindu god Lord Vishnu or his Avatar Krishna. Virat Roopa is considered the supreme form of Vishnu, where the whole universeis described as contained in him and originating from him. He has taken this form to show the people that he is the everything -The universe, planets, earth, all things in nature are the parts of this Virat Roopa .Virat means Ginormous and roopa means form. It means Universal form of God.

Artist: "Philosophically, it is a vast topic to discuss and paint. What I got from this concept is that nobody is seeing the truth and cannot think beyond their mind. There is a different world or a power or it can be called God who is generating things, operating this world and destroying to maintain the balance. We are not accepting this truth because the materialistic world is ruling us. There is human form in center which symbolizes society and one more form behind which symbolizes the Virat Roopa. The form in which whole world has merged, put his hand on the human eyes. There is two meanings of this -one is that human cannot see that great form and its bright aura with his small eyes and second thing is that he doesn’t want to see the reality and truth of the world. My success is when everyone will get my point after see this art work."

Shrutika Gosavi | Painting

    • Acrylic and ink on canvas
    • 46 x 61 cm / 18.1 x 24 in
    • Certificate of Authenticity Available upon request
    • Signed

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