From Constantinos Ptochopoulos art series 'Skin or Gold.' where he narrates the stories of his fellow human beings. As he explains, 'The faces are both familiar and distant, despite being covered with gold, they are impressively human. They are portrayed in private settings; in rooms full of memory and oblivion'. Like Midas’ touch - the mythical king who turned anything to gold by just touching it - Ptochopoulos is posing a crucial question: What is more important in life, gold and whatever else it stands for or the individual as a person? True wealth is to be found in every human being, in his vibrating soul and his skin, which expresses joy and sorrow and bares the promise of a better tomorrow.

Constantinos Ptochopoulos | Painting

    • Oil paint on wood.
    • Year 2016
    • 120 x 140 cm / 47.2 in x 55.11 in
    • Comes framed.
    • Certificate of Authenticity Available.
    • Signed at the bottom right corner.

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