Najat Makki


Born:                        1956

Lives and works:  United Arab Emirates

Najat Makki is a Bachelor's and Mastrer's degree graduate of College of Fine Arts in Cairo, Egypt, and a Ph.D. holder in Philosophy of Art from 2001. Najat specialization is in relief sculpture and metal artworks, where she creates works inspired by her home country's nature, such as the desert, and the sea. She is an active member of the Dubai Cultural Council supporting the arts.

Najat Makki has been awarded with several awards, among them the Emirates Appreciation Award for Arts, The National Award for Arts in UAE, and the Al Mahabaa Syrian International Biennial, Syria. Her artworks have been exhibited in Germany, Italy, and Iran, as well as across UAE, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. 

Najat’s work covers a variety of styles including realism and abstract expressionism.

Medium: Colored Glass

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