Born:                        1968

Lives and works:  Vera Cruz, Portugal

Mafalda D'Eca is an academically educated fine artist, with several degrees in Fine Arts. She obtained her first Painting and Sculpture Degree from the School of Arts and Design Caldas da Rainha in 1993, followed with studies at the Foundation Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva (1993-94), where she specialized in antique restoration. In year 2000, she completed her Masters degree in Drawing and Painting at the National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon, in Portugal.

Following her studies, Mafalda worked for several years as a visual arts and restoration teacher, as well as Director and Coordinator of “Galeria de Arte Mafalda D'Eça”, “ArtEmotion Gallery” and “World Legend Auctioneer”.

Her unique artistic creations are described as abstract geometric with an infusion of color combinations. Except acrylic paintings, she works with mediums such as raw materials which she recycles into sculptures, and art installations. She is inspired from nature. animals and her surrounding environment.

As an independent artist, Mafalda has participated in more than 250 solo and group exhibitions, both national and international.

Her work has been nominated and awarded numerous times with the most important being her Honorable Mentions at "Estoril Summer Fun" (C.C.E), "Mértolarte", "2016 Innovation Award", Sculpture Award at X Bienal Salão das Artes da Vidigueira.

Mafalda D'Eca's art and designs have been selected by international brands and book publishers around the world.

As an activist Mafalda supports humanitarian and solidarity causes, having organized several solidarity exhibitions in Portugal as well abroad.


Her artworks belong to hundreds of corporate and private collections all around the world, like in Spain, Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, Italy, Australia, France, Holland, Brazil, Moldavia, Ukraine, India and Russia.

Medium: Acrylic paint on Canvas, sculpture, mixed media