Katerina-Stavrou-The-Art-Cocoon-heart--60x75-cm-oil-painting-world-art-dubai-2018-web_FIGHT OT FLIGH
Katerina-Stavrou-The-Art-Cocoon---30x30-cm-oil-painting-world-art-dubai-2018-web-f__FIGHT OT FLIGHT
Katerina-Stavrou-The-Art-Cocoon---30x30-cm-oil-painting-world-art-dubai-2018-web-e__FIGHT OT FLIGHT
Katerina-Stavrou-The-Art-Cocoon---30x30-cm-oil-painting-world-art-dubai-2018-web-h__FIGHT OT FLIGHT
Katerina-Stavrou-The-Art-Cocoon---30x30-cm-oil-painting-world-art-dubai-2018-web-d_FIGHT OT FLIGHT
Katerina-Stavrou-The-Art-Cocoon---30x30-cm-oil-painting-world-art-dubai-2018-web-c_FIGHT OT FLIGHT
Katerina Stavrou-The Art Cocoon- 60x75 cm-oil painting-world art dubai 2018__FIGHT OT FLIGHT
Katerina-Stavrou-The-Art-Cocoon---30x30-cm-oil-painting-world-art-dubai-2018-web-g__FIGHT OT FLIGHT


Born:                        1989

Lives and works:  Larnaca, Cyprus


Katerina Stavrou is an abstract expressionist painter creating powerful compositions full of movement and color, through the application of techniques such as ‘Action Painting’ and ‘Automatism’. Figurative elements, and conceptualism characterize her art, while experimentation and exploration of new practices are central to her work. Katerina uses vibrant colors and bold brushstrokes, in all directions on her canvases.


Her paintings are dynamic and bold underlined with the use of vibrant colors, bringing awareness to political, philosophical and existential issues. She aims to move the feelings of the viewers, inspiring their imagination in their everyday life.

Her latest art series ‘Fight or Flight’, brings awareness to the psychosomatic state of the human body, and the repercussions on the heart, when it feels threatened.


Katerina Stavrou's paintings are held in numerous international private and corporate collections in Cyprus, Greece, USA, United Kingdom.      

Medium: Oil paint on canvas.

Artist's Statement

'Enjoying the ‘act’ of painting itself is essential to me and something that encompasses my passion and love for my work. I consider the philosophy of automatism to be an integral part of the creative process,

as I use unconscious spontaneous gestures, followed by very careful and gentle painting, at which point the decision to keep certain accidental marks becomes part of the creation. Looking at the blank canvas, my vision is to express myself, while at the same time to manage and personalize this experience for my audience. I feel like the object of creation is becoming a live performance through the transition, within the observers’ point of view.'


Diploma “Visual Arts”   2009

Salford University, UK            

BA “Fine Art”    2011

   Manchester Metropolitan University            

Course “Art Criticism”    2013

 Central Saint Martins College of Art, UK            

MA “Cultural Policy and Development”    2018

Cyprus University, Cyprus            




’Chromatical Intercourses’/   2015

“Χρωματικές Περιπτύξεις”            

Myth Factory, Larnaca, Cyprus            

        'Debut'    2010

The Font Bar, Oxford Road, Manchester, UK                   



Participated in exhibitions organized in Greece, USA, UAE, UK and Cyprus


E.KA.TE  The Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts [member of the International Association of Art (IAA) and represents IAA in Cyprus]



Founded Artis - Art School 2014



Academia di Belle Arti, Rome, Italy

BA Fine Art and Painting  2003

American Academy Larnaca

Academia di Belle Arti di Urbino




Circles Made Up of Cubes  2015

Kypriaki Gonia, Larnaca          




Participated in more than twenty group exhibitions, in Greece, Italy, Brussels and Cyprus







Founded the Creative Art School,  Ispirazione




Group Exhibitions

2018        World Art Dubai art fair, The Art Cocoon Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2017        “Women in the Medarts”, Kyriazes Medical Museum, Larnaca, Cyprus

2016        Santorini Biennial 2016, Imerovigli Cultural Centre, Santorini, Greece 

2016        “Oppositions”, Larnaca Cultural Centre, Larnaca, Cyprus

2015        “The Young Masters Cyprus”, Akamantis Exhibiton Centre, Nicosia Cyprus

2015        “Ουδέτερον ήμισυ”/’Neutral Half’, Apotheke 79, Larnaca, Cyprus

2014        “The Young Masters Cyprus”, Akamantis Exhibition Centre, Nicosia Cyprus

2013        “The Magma Group 2013 Art Event”, The Vibe Gallery, London, UK

2013        “Re-Turn Art Exhibition”, Flying Away Festival, Nicosia, Cyprus 

2013        “Lush Art in Austere Times”. Is Not a Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

2012        “The Other Art Fair” , London, UK

2012        “The Young Masters Cyprus”, Akamantis Exhibition Centre, Nicosia Cyprus

2012         Shortlisted for “Young Masters London” by Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, UK

2012         Cynthia Corbett Gallery Fundraising Exhibition and Auction, London UK

2012        “The Magma Group Launch Show”, Apricot Gallery, Brick Lane, London, UK

2012          Ashdown Gallery, Surrey, UK

2012          Debut Contemporary, London, UK

2011          Debut Contemporary, London, UK

2011          Artio Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

2011         “The Prestigious Orange Country Centre for Contemporary Art”, California, US

2011          Manchester School of Art Graduate Show, Manchester, UK

2009        Salford University, Manchester, UK