Born:                        1984

Lives and works:  Larnaca, Cyprus

Ioanna Kythreotou is an academically trained artist with her art practice varying from figurative to landscapes. Her expressionistic compositions are a result of elaborative research and collection of photographic material, which she processes in layers to develop her images. She is fascinated with spatial and time concepts, recreating her own imaginative spaces of deteriorated by time interior settings.  


Ioanna Kythreotou's latest series was presented at her solo art exhibition 'Tales of Dystopian Grandeur'. Her artworks are reconstructions of existing places in an attempt to retrieve and illustrate the beauty of abandoned spaces and structures, using her own layering techniques.


Ioanna Kythreotou earned her B.A. in Fine Art from the University of Sunderland, and a Masters with Honours, in Art and Design (Painting) from the University of Wolverhampton, in the UK. She works as an Art and Design Teacher at a private school, in Cyprus. 


Medium: Mixed Media (acrylic, oil paint, pencil, watercolor and ink on canvas or paper)


Selected Permanent Collections


Paintings are held in private collections internationally.




BA Fine Art  2004

University of Sunderland, UK           

MA, Hons. Art and Design, Painting  2005

University of Wolverhampton, UK           




Tales of dystopian grandeur  2016

Apocalypse Gallery, Cyprus          




Sender - Recipient 2017

Cyprus House, Manhattan, New York, USA        

Participated in more than twenty group exhibitions,






E.KA.TE  The Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts [member of the International Association of Art (IAA) and represents IAA in Cyprus]



World Art Dubai art fair 12th-15th April  2017

Dubai, UAE          






Press Release

The new body of work by Ioanna Kythreotou, initiated in 2012, relays a range of possibilities to shape the viewer’s consciousness.  The artist uses an archived photographic material of desolate locations as a primary source of inspiration.  The works not only stretch the definition of photo-based painting but also act as an architectural interpretation, where ink lines create structure and drippings of color form debris on abstract layers.


The post-apocalyptic essence of the paintings is highlighted through the absence of human interaction.  The viewer finds within them verification of future dystopia and nature’s primitive role of taking control, as trees grow from rubble and mould decorates concrete.  Constellations hidden within a selection of the compositions function as a secondary element of nature.


Preoccupied with futurity, a setting of at once functional objects become derailed features in this imagined dystopia.  Τhe objects transform into a means to generate a sense of familiarity for the voyeur and restage nostalgic scenes of the end.


By Art historian and curator, Marina Christodoulidou.



Selected Group Exhibitions


2018       'Myth Factory', Larnaca Bienalle, Larnaca, Cyprus

2017       'Sender-Recipient' , Consulate General of the Republic of Cyprus, New York, USA

2017       World Art Dubai art fair, The Art Cocoon gallery, Dubai, UAE

2016      10th annual art exhibition of young Cypriot artists 2016, Akamantis Conference & Exhibition Center, Nicosia, Cyprus (catalogue)

2016      “Ancient Kition and the Modern World of Larnaka“, ‘Visitors’ Centre of the Archaeological Site of Kition, Larnaca, Cyprus

2016      7th annual art exhibition, Apocalypse Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus (catalogue)

2014      50 years EKATE, Famagusta Gate, Nicosia, Cyprus (catalogue)

2014      50 years EKATE, Municipal Art Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus (catalogue)

2014      Celebrating 20 years, Kypriaki Gonia Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus

2014      Change ex change, Omikron Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

2014      Group exhibition organized by Rotaract, Aigea, Nicosia, Cyprus (catalogue)

2014      “Art and Photography exhibition by secondary eduction teachers“ , Art  Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus

2013      “Affordable Art“,  Peri Technis, Larnaca, Cyprus

2013      Not a single day without a line, Municipal Art Gallery, Larnaca Cyprus

2012      Witnesses 2, Peter’s Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus

2012      Europe- Larnaca, Municipal Art Gallery, Larnaca Cyprus (catalogue)

2012      Witnesses, Kypriaki Gonia Gallery, Larnaca Cyprus

2009     Chromatopoiites,  Aspelia Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus

2009     3rd Annual Exhibition of young Cypriot artists 2009, Akamantis Conference Center, Nicosia, Cyprus (catalogue)

2008     2nd  Annual Exhibition of young Cypriot artists 2008, Akamantis Conference Center, Nicosia, Cyprus (catalogue)

2008     Ready Images, Heliotropion Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus

2007      Arts, Kition Hotel, Larnaca, Cyprus

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