Born:                       1958

Lives and works:  Terlanen, Belgium


Born in Kortrijk, Hildegarde resides and works in Terlanen (S.E. of Brussels). An abstract geometric artist with a focus in female figure, Hildegarde's work is easily identified in the collectors' circles, a result of her intuitive development of her artistic practices.

Her work is described by its clear, sharp lines, and combination of geometric and organic forms. 


Her straight lines and curves are a definitive characteristic in her work, where she masterfully creates bold, graphic images, eliminating any visual 'noise' of distracting details, enabling the viewer to receive her compositions for what they are and understand them in a 'direct' visual language.

As Handsaeme explains her creative processes:

"My ideas begin by drawing a line and then creating the image of a woman. But I want to distance myself from the realistic images of women; it has become a game to find new curves and to embellish them. This creates something completely new, recognizable yet abstract. "

Hildegarde is a master of color combinations and application, accomplishing harmonious and evenly flat areas of color on her paintings bringing balance and a different dimension to her paintings.

Hildegarde paintings showcase her infinite quest to accomplish the ultimate harmony as well her love to the woman figure and the human relationships.

She has more than 35 personal and group exhibitions around the world from Belgium, to USA, Netherlands, UK and France with participations in numerous exhibitions in Europe and awards nominations for her work.


Medium: Ink Drawing on granular paper, Acrylic paint on canvas


Selected Permanent Collections

Hildegarde Handsaeme's artworks are part of important private and corporate collections around the world.



Academy of Visual Arts, Overijse, Belgium   1994



Over 10  solo exhibitions, dedicated to her work organized all around the world





Participated in more than 20  group exhibitions, world wide.


 TV France 24 Bordeaux, France   2018

 The Resident digital New York,            

New York, United States   2018

 The Resident New York,           

New York, United States   2018

 Magazine Lane Lamerson Interiors NY,           

New York, United States   2018

 Expo Time Square New York,            

New York, United States   2016

 Women in ART Switzerland   2009

 Ateliermagazine nummer 162,           

Netherlands   2009