Elena Tsigaridou the art cocoon
Elena Tsigaridou the art cocoon
Elena Tsigaridou the art cocoon
Elena Tsigaridou the art cocoon
Elena Tsigaridou the art cocoon
Elena Tsigaridou the art cocoon
Elena Tsigaridou the art cocoon
Elena Tsigaridou the art cocoon


Born:                        1980

Lives and works:  Larnaca, Cyprus


Elena's work is characterized by a delicate observation that seeks to elicit the sensations, memories, and wonder associated with our experiences and encounters. Tsigaridou has filtered her experiences into a personal and contemporary visual language. These finely rendered images provoke us to look beneath the surface into the realm of strange alliances, symbolisms, and meanings. Her work evokes the private world of personal identity and inner state.


Elena Tsigaridou earned her B.A. with Distinction (in Fine Art, Painting),  from the Academia di Belle Arti, in Rome Italy. She is currently directing the Creative Art School, Ispirazione in Athienou, Cyprus that she founded and is an Art and Design Teacher at the American Academy Private School in Larnaca, Cyprus. Elena’s works have been the subject of numerous exhibitions in Cyprus, Italy, and Brussels.


In the year 2016 Elena won the 1st prize in the category of Drawing at the 4th edition of contemporary art contest organized by non-profit Art Foundation Telemachos Kanthos, and in year 2018 she was nominated with the 1st Prize in the category of Print Making. 


Medium: Mixed Media


Selected Permanent Collections


Paintings are held in numerous private and corporate collections throughout Cyprus, Brussels and Italy.




BA Fine Art and Painting  2003

Academia di Belle Arti, Rome, Italy           


Circles Made Up of Cubes  2015

Kypriaki Gonia, Larnaca          


Participated in more than 20 group exhibitions, in Greece, Italy, Brussels and Cyprus


1st Prize in Print Making at the 5th Edition of Contemporary Art - Art Foundation Telemachos Kanthos

1st Prize  in Drawing at the 4th Edition of Contemporary Art - Art Foundation Telemachos Kanthos

Founded the Creative Art School,  Ispirazione


World Art Dubai art fair 6th-9th April  2016

Dubai, UAE          





Kypriaki Gonia Gallery VIEW CIRCLES MADE UP OF CUBES Larnaca, 21st Oct - 3rd Nov, 2015




The journey of self-awareness is riddled with possibilities and boundaries, which stimulate an ongoing internal dialogue.  For Elena Tsigaridou, in this journey, decisiveness turns into inspiration and honesty to exploration.  Honesty is represented through the geometrical shapes; a circle, a cube become symbolic signs that reference the daily grind.  Young, nameless heroes, possibly from the artist’s own personal circle, enjoy a reasonable co-existence with lines that either converge or diverge.  Childhood acts as Tsigaridou’s vehicle for a journey to the past, which facilitates an approach towards the present and its reality.
Colour, in this circle of works, is portrayed as a need – one which entails abstraction to reach detection.  The composition’s realistic elements are not the main objective.  Instead, the abstract features in colour constantly cause a surprise to the artist, whether they are created with a fluid medium like paint, or a solid one, like thread.  Both are perceived to what is apprehended by the viewer.  The mythical element is not overlooked, since the royal crown, depicted in some of the works, marks the journey’s starting point.


By Art historian and curator, Marina Christodoulidou.



Group Exhibitions


2018       'New Horizons in Painting II - the unpredictability of ideas', Frissiras Museum, Athens, Greece

2017       'Sender-Recipient' , Consulate General of the Republic of Cyprus, New York, USA

2017       World Art Dubai art fair, The Art Cocoon gallery, Dubai, UAE

2016       Telemachos Kanthos Art Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus

2016       Gallery Apocalypse, Nicosia, Cyprus

2016       7 artists exhibition, Seven Stories-Lace and Modern Art, Kallinikeio Municipal Museum of Athienou (cataloque)

2016       Kypriaki Gonia, Larnaca

2016       Silent auction for charity, Skali Aglantzias, Nicosia

2016       Opposites, Larnaca Municipal Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus ( cataloque)

2015       Golden  Thread,  Collection Gallery, Nicosia

2015       ‘Four Towns of Cyprus’ 120 years of Ephorate Greek Schools, E.KA.TE building, Nicosia

2014       7th annual art exhibition, Akamantis Conference & Exhibition Center, Nicosia, Cyprus (catalogue)

2014       50 years EKATE, Famagusta Gate, Nicosia, Cyprus (catalogue)

2014       50 years EKATE, Evagoras Lanitis exhibition Center, Limassol, Cyprus (catalogue)

2014       50 years EKATE, Municipal Art Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus (catalogue)

2014       Change ex change/ Αλλαγή συν αλλαγή, Omikron Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

2014       Organized by Rotaract, Aigea, Nicosia (catalogue)

2014       Old Electricity Art  Centre, Nicosia

2013       Not a single day without a line, Municipal Art Gallery, Larnaca Cyprus

2013       Contemporary Artists,  Apothikes Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus

2013       Celebrating 20 years, Kypriaki Gonia Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus

2012       Four person Exhibition, 4/4, Peter’s Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus

2012       Europe- Larnaca, Municipal Art Gallery, Larnaca Cyprus (catalogue)

2012       Four person exhibition, Witnesses, Kypriaki Gonia Gallery, Larnaca Cyprus

2012       Alpha C.K. Gallery, Nicosia

2011       Cyprus Olympic Committee,  Nicosia, Cyprus (a  work was selected to be permanently posted in the gallery)

2009      Gallery Two, Nicosia, Cyprus

2007       Iliotropio Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus

2006      Three person exhibition, European Parliament, Brussels

2006       Kypriaki Gonia, Larnaca, Cyprus

2002       Arte Contemporanea, Gallery ‘La Pigna’, Palazzo del vicariato, Rome, Italy

2001       Two person exhibition, Gallery La pigna, Palazzo del vicariato, Rome, Italy (supported by the Cypriot Tourist Organization)

2001       Lettere e Caffe, Rome, Italy