Born:              1979

Hometown:  Larnaca, Cyprus

Lives:             Larnaca, Cyprus


Constantinos's oil paintings range from small, to large scale epic canvases. Through expressive brushstrokes he creates compelling and memorable portraits of people, and animals. 


Using life models, his figurative drawings often depict the head, thorough in detail, and paying careful attention to every attribute on the subject’s face, he blurs random areas of the painting giving his personal mark. His oil paintings are a skillful combination of academic realism and impressionism.


Constantinos uses a classical approach to his creations, whereby all canvases are custom-made using high-quality fabrics or wood, and skilfully treated with natural materials to ensure lasting results.


His body of work includes a series of Landscapes, Dog Heroes, and his latest, Skin or Gold.


Founded in 2013 the School of Arts, Constantinos Ptochopoulos

Medium: Oil Paint on Canvas or wood



Bachelor of Fine Arts  2006

Aristotle University of Thessalonikis           




Palmers Green Community Art Gallery  2016

   London, UK           

Kypriaki Gonia Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus   2015

Apocalipsy Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus   2015

Mousio Theasis, Larnaca, Cyprus   2010

K-Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus   2008

Artio Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus   2006




Participated in more than twenty group exhibitions, in Greece and Cyprus.






World Art Dubai art fair 6th-9th April  2016

Dubai, UAE          



November 25, 2017

Constantinos Ptochopoulos ''Skin or Gold' Invitation

On Monday 4th of December 2017, Constantinos Ptochopoulos presents his latest artworks from his art series 'Skin or Gold'. The exhibition will take place at Opus 39, at Nicosia, Cyprus.


With his latest work, Constantinos Ptochopoulos narrates the stories of fellow human beings. The faces are both familiar and distant and are portrayed in private settings; in rooms...

November 4, 2016

Artist Constantinos Ptochopoulos latest art series 'Urban Wonders' was presented for the first time in the city of London. The solo exhibition is hosted at Palmers Green Community Art Gallery, and it will stay open to the public until the 2nd of December, 2016.

October 31, 2015

Skin or Gold, is the latest anticipated work of the upcoming artist Constantinos Ptochopoulos. The first public view of Constantinos exciting new body of work, will take place on Friday, 6th of November, 2015 at Gallery Kypriaki Gonia in Larnaca, Cyprus.

This will be Constantinos's 5th Solo exhibition. 

With his new series titled Skin or Gold, Constantinos Ptochopoulos, narrates the stories of fellowhuman bei...

October 4, 2015

Our artist Constantinos Ptochopoulos, will be participating at the Limassol Art Fair 2015, a major cultural event for the city, that promotes arts and local talent. The Art Fair opens it's doors to the public at TRAKASOL Cultural Center, in Limassol, on the 11th, and will run until the 12th of October.

Constantinos will be presenting artworks from his new series called 'Skin or Gold'. Don't miss this great opportunity to...

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Group Exhibitions

2017       Art Olympia, Tokyo, Japan

2017       Opus39, Nicosia, Cyprus

2016       The Art Cocoon gallery, World Art Dubai art fair, Dubai, UAE

2016       Apocalipsy Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

2016       Diaxroniki Gallery, Nicosia, Cuprus

2016       ‘Art Souq’, Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE

2016       Kypriaki Gonia Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus

2015       Apocalipsy Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

2015       Peri Texnis, Larnaca, Cyprus

2014       Diaxroniki Gallery, Nicosia, Cuprus

2014       Kypriaki Gonia Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus

2014       Zacharias Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus

2014      Tonia Gallery, LImassol, Cyprus

2013      Kypriaki Gonia Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus

2013      Apocalipsy Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

2012      Diaxroniki Gallery, Nicosia, Cuprus

2012      Apothiki 79, Larnaca, Cyprus

2012      EKATE, Larnaca Municipality, Larnaca, Cyprus

2012      Tonia Gallery, LImassol, Cyprus

2012      Kypriaki Gonia Gallery,  Larnaca, Cyprus

2011      Diaxroniki Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

2011      Kypriaki Gonia Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus

2011      EKATE, Larnaca Municipality, Larnaca, Cyprus

2010     Theasis Museum, Larnaca, Cyprus

2009     House of Letters and Arts, Larnaca, Cyprus

2009     Intercollege, Larnaca, Cyprus

2009     Larnaca Municipal Art Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus

2007     Aspelia Gallery, Larnaca , Cyprus

2007     K Gallery - Nicosia, Cyprus

2007     K Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

2005     Macedonian Museum Modern Art, Thessaloniki, Greece

2004     Art Forum, Athens, Greece

2004     Kodra Thessalonikis - Thessaloniki, Greece

2004     Paralympic 2004 - Thessalonikis Soldier Museum, Thessaloniki, Greece

2003     Sani - Halkidiki, Greece

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