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Commission an Artwork

Stop searching and Order today your customised painting by your favourite artist!

''At The Art Cocoon we do our best to fulfill our clients needs.''


If you like what you see but you are looking for something a bit more personal, we may be able to commission a piece especially for you. Contact us through the form below and let us know all the details of your dream painting. We'll keep you updated through the whole process of creating the artwork.

How it works


1. Browse our gallery and select the artist whose work most inspires you.
2. Click "Commission" on the menu and fill up the form. In the commission form, describe your vision of the piece you'd like the artist to create with as many details as possible*. 
3. We will then coordinate the communication with the artist to discuss the desired artwork, price and delivery time.


Learn more about commissioning an artwork here.

Success! Message received.

*Provide as many information as you can for your commissioned artwork. Please include the following information if these are available:

  1. The Name of the specific artist you have in mind

  2. Actual or approximate size of the painting

  3. Subject matter

  4. Style

  5. A brief description of the commission

  6. Other details you may have in mind

If you have a photograph you would like us to work from, please send it at under the title 'Commission artwork <Your Name>'.

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