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Looking for book recommendations related to Art? Look no further!

Welcome to our book corner! We believe knowledge is power, and lifelong education is important. We've carefully picked and reviewed a list of our favorites books we loved reading, based on their profound insights of the art market, contemporary art and art collecting.

We hope you'll enjoy it and make your knowledge quest easier for you!  

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young."

Henry Ford

the art of buying art-the art cocoon gal

By Alan S. Bamberger

With his broad range of art and art business knowledge, and his privileged position as a respected writer and interviewer in the art community, he gives sound advises and insights of the current art market. Alan Bamberger in his book 'The art of buying art', gives a perspective to art collectors and artists that very few in the art world can, with decades of experience in the art world. 

collecting art for love money and more-t

By Ethan Wagner & Thea Westreich Wagner

Renowned art advisors, Thea and Ethan's book, offers clear advice on how to build and maintain a distinctive collection, from discovering new talent and accessing the best work to getting the highest returns on investment. It is an insider's guide for both the novice and experienced buyer. It reveals the motivations and secrets of successful collectors as well as providing an historical overview of the greatest collectors and their superb collections.

art a visual history-the art cocoon.jpg

By Robert Cumming

Robert Cumming's book is like an encyclopedia as it gives a brief synopsis of the entire history of art with small biographies of each renowned artist and clear color photos of their work along with which of their art is remarkable in the advancement of art. All the major movements are discussed though not in deep detail so you can quickly reference a topic's major facts with information on more in-depth reading.

collecting contempoprary art-the art coc

By Adam Lindemann

The one and only book to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about the contemporary art market. Its' introduction explains the ABCs of buying art on the primary and secondary markets, at auction, and at art fairs and gives an overview of the world art scene and its social circles. The main body of the book brings together tell-all interviews with the biggest players in the global art market.

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