Born:                       1991, France

Lives and works:  Paris, France


Anysia Nefissi is an abstract painter who lives and works between London and Paris since 2015. From abstract painting to automatic drawing and special projects with experimental video, Anysia's work is multidimensional with high interest in alternative and experimental forms of representation.


With studies in Literature, Art History, and Image-Cinema,  her work is deeply rooted and influenced by her philosophical studies and human nature. A big part of her art is inspired by Rorschach psychological tests which studies the interactions between mind and subconscious. The viewer can clearly see the connection between Nefissi's paintings of kaleidoscopic or mirrored patterns referencing to her attempt to intrigue the viewer's mind and subconscious.


Her ink drawings are mainly a result of intention and automatic drawing, expressing the artist's subconscious expressions on the paper.  Anysia's interest in avant-garde concepts, aesthetics, fashion, and contemporary lifestyle are only a few sources of inspiration, as she infuses her work with different elements and concepts.


She is influenced by the work of the greatest Romantic figures, as well Surrealism, Modern & Abstract Art theorists as Kandinsky, and Klee. Anysia conducts her work as an expression of color, paradox, duality and form, where form is always being subject to destruction, exuberance, torsion. 


"My work aims to destroy the form. Rupture, failure or blur propel the spectator in a psychic scene where visual and inner experiences deploy a reconstruction of figurative images, as reminiscences. My inspiration goes from Rorschach, to André Breton and Baudelaire but also philosophy and human nature. I am interested in experimental and vibrant forms of representation as automatic writing and subconscious expression. Each piece hides a psychological aspect and a captivating duality." 


Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas, Ink on paper. experimental 


Selected Permanent Collections

Anysia Nefissi's artworks are part of private and corporate collections around the world.


MA Literature & Arts    2014

Speciality Art History &Cinema            

Paris, France            

BA Literature & Arts    2010

Speciality Art History & Cinema            

Paris, France            

Fine Arts, LISAA   2009

Superior Institute of Fine Arts            

 Paris, France            




Participated in more than 10  international exhibitions in the major art cities.







Selected Exhibitions 

2019         Brook Street, Secretcape London, UK

2017         Fusion, Underdog Gallery, London, UK 

2017         The Abstract Show, Candid Arts Trust London Art In Common, By Other Means, London, UK 

2017         Kwaleo Showcase, Launch 22, London, UK 

2017         MonoChroma,The Crypt Gallery, London, UK 

2016         Abstract, Black & White Building, London, UK 

2016         OffPrint,Tate Modern, London, UK 

2016         Alienation, 5th Base Gallery, London, UK 

2016         Transitions, Bargehouse / Oxo Tower, London, UK 

2016         Books,Arebyte Gallery, London, UK 

2016         Transitions, Menier Gallery, London, UK 

2016         Ground Floor Gallery, Philadelphia, USA 

2016         James Oliver Gallery, New York, USA 

2014         Nox, Bloc Café, Paris, France 


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